Thursday, May 3, 2012

Movie Review: Jannat 2

Story: Jannat 2 revolves around Sonu Dilli (Emraan Hashmi), a street-smart hustler and local gun dealer, and an angst ridden cop Pratap (Randeep Hooda). Later, Sonu is shown sharing an unlikely partnership with Pratap against the murky underbelly of the gun trade, in quest of his personal heaven, as he falls in love with a beautiful young doctor Jhanvi (Esha Gupta)Story Treatment: Though the film belongs to the Jannat franchise, it is predictable, dull and extremely boring in the first half. While, the second part too creates no hope for an engrossing moment for the onlooker.  Delhi has been used as a backdrop for the crime of arms trafficking and romance has been induced to make Jannat 2 a complete Masala flick, but the attempt is tasteless. The chase game between police and criminals is probably more innovative when it comes to the school kids, who attempt something different.
Star Cast: Emraan Hashmi tries his best to pull the film on his shoulders, but he barely manages to do so owing to a bad script. However, the actor is effortless in parts. Esha Gupta hardly gets any part to play and look unprocessed as an actress. We wonder, whether the little skin show and smooches will grab any attention. The chemistry between Emraan and Esha is a dull affair. Randeep Honda walks away with the cake and screams out loud for attention with his amazing talent. Zeeshan Ayyub and Arif Zakaria leave an impact.
Direction:  Kunal Deshmukh fails to cash on the talent from the Bhatt camp and makes the movie a tedious and mind-numbing watch. The loss of cadence is clearly visible in an effort to make the movie a Masala entertainer. Abuses and adult jokes too can’t add a pinch of entertainment to the film. Lack of script and a story telling approach makes Kunal miss out on few brownie points.
Dialogues/cinematography/music: Dialogue are simple, a special mention of Emraan’s diction as a Delhiite, it's pretty impressive! Abuses play an important part of the conversations, especially as they emphasize the roughness of an arms dealer. Music is the hero of the film and songs provide you the much required breathing space that one needs while watching the film. Tu Hi Mera, Tera Deedar Hua are beautiful compositions and the impressive treatment to the songs make them a likeable deal. Cinematography is decent, while the chase scenes between cops and arm dealers are weak. 
Ups and downs: Music is one of the reasons that might develop a curiosity for the film. A predictable and extremely tiresome attempt will be one reason to stop you from buying a ticket. Though the climax might spring a surprise, but by then it becomes too late for one to react for appreciation. For all those Emraan’s fans, who can endure anything to see him on-screen- this one's for you. But still we would say, beware. This Jannat is far away from fairytales! 

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