Friday, May 25, 2012

Anupama Chopra's review: Too many wrinkles

Love, Wrinkle-Free is one of those films that mix charm and tedium in equal doses.

 Debutant director and writer Sandeep Mohan creates a clutch of quirky, permanently perplexed characters who are all struggling. The best among them is Savio, played well by Ash Chandler, a sales manager in an underwear firm who dreams of launching his own business making edible underwear with ethnic flavours, such as vindaloo and bebinca. Savio’s older wife, who only wants to be in the church choir, finds herself pregnant at 46. They already have a surly, teenage adopted daughter who asks for R50,000. When the parents inquire why, she says it is “personal.”

For a while, Mohan keeps the film chugging with nice lines and fun. For instance, at one point, Savio wonders if Eat Me is the right name for his brand. But it then becomes purposefully convoluted, with too many sub-plots, and just flat-out silly. 

Mohan strains to imbue depth and poignancy into the narrative but by then Savio and gang start to feel like guests who have seriously overstayed their welcome.
What works better are the lovely shots of Goa beaches and swaying palm trees. This film will make you want to visit the place soon.

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