Monday, December 19, 2011

Being bad is cool: Shah Rukh Khan

“Don 2 is a baaad guy. He’s got components in him that exist in every person. He’s evil… he has every vice...well most of them anyway…fast cars. He’s the man who goes to bed with a hot babe at night and shoots her dead in the morning. But if three or four guys sit together for a drink, after a few they’ll say that’s the way to live. And women will love him.”

That was superstar Shah Rukh Khan at HT Unplugged telling us about Don 2

Asked how the sequel took the character forward Khan said “the first time round, there was some confusion in the character let me give you an instance, it was Don playing Vijay playing Don but you (the audience) didn’t know that so in scenes where he’s alone, Don playing Vijay playing Don still acted like Vijay.” The twist came only at the end. “In Don 2 the character is more clearly defined.”

He made it clear that Don would not die in the sequel and said Farhan Akhtar’s comments on there being no Don 3 had been “misunderstood”. “There is no Don 3 in our minds right now. ..We’ve all got other projects waiting….that doesn’t mean there won't be a Don 3 at all. And if there is I’m sure we’d all love to come together for it again.”

He is unaffectedly sentimental about Delhi. He misses his parents no end and plans to visit their graves on this short visit. “In Mumbai I don’t know the roads at all. If you leave me somewhere I won’t be able to find my way back. In Delhi you could take me blindfolded and leave me anywhere but I’d be able to find my way home or anywhere else that I needed to go. Mumbai’s the place I like to work hard and Delhi’s where I bring my family for a holiday.”

Ask him who he thinks would be the next superstar and the King Khan replies: “I think that directors have come of age and the next superstar will be a director. We (in India) will soon be seeing superstar directors in the league of Steven Spielberg or Martin Scorsese.

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