Friday, September 2, 2011

I’m making the biggest film this country has ever made—SRK

His archrival Salman’s latest venture ‘Bodyguard’ is doing wonders at the box-office, and now it’s Shahrukh’s superhero flick ‘Ra.One’s turn to win the hearts of moviegoers.

Recently, at the launch of an eponymous book on marketing, co-authored by Arindam Chaudhuri and his wife Rajita, Shahrukh, talking about his upcoming film ‘Ra.One’, stated that he is making the biggest film of India.

Apparently, the superstar has invested around Rs. 150 crore in making his pet project.

SRK, as quoted in IANS, said, "I am making the biggest film this country has ever made ('RA.One') and I will be proud even if it flops and does not succeed because I want to change the game I play. I do not want to be in the same playing field as others.”

Helmed by Anubhav Sinha, the upcoming film ‘Ra.One’ stars Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal in pivotal roles.

The movie, produced by Red Chillies Entertainment, is slated for an Oct. 26 release.

Shahrukh: I don't come for free
Shahrukh, who plays the character of a superhero in his upcoming sci-fi flick ‘Ra.One’, stated that he doesn’t come for free.

The actor expressed that he works in movies because he wants to make people smile. One can make him dance, do street theatre or anything else; he is ready to do all, provided it brings a smile on everyone’s face.

While addressing the gatherers at the event, Shahrukh articulated, "I am a big believer of selling dreams. Everything comes at a price... life comes at a price tag of death itself. Except for the emotions that parents and children share, everything is for sale... I don't come for free either.

“You can make me do an item number in films, dance at a wedding, do street theatre as long as it makes people smile. I am a proud seller of dreams... and as long as it makes people smile, I will do it.”

I want Salman to come back completely cured, says SRK
Though Shahrukh is not sharing a good rapport with Salman these days, he wishes that his archenemy, the ‘Dabangg’ Khan gets completely cured soon.

Salman is currently in U.S., undergoing treatment for a painful nerve disorder.

Fielding a question about Sallu’s health, the actor said, “I don't know the details of Salman's injury, but I think all of us, including myself, pray for his speedious (that's what he said) recovery and I want him to come back completely cured.

“Salman's a tough guy and Insha Allah he will recover very very fast and he needs to come back to where he belongs, which is to the top of his game. I dont think me saying that makes any difference but all of us, while he is away, will make sure that we look after "Bodyguard".;u=36012;u=1478;u=37187;u=2451;u=317500;u=6343;u=1488;u=6181;u=7812;u=7798;u=1491;u=7751;u=317471;u=318091;u=1485;u=8718;u=6115;u=6303;u=1695;u=7749;u=6117;u=1476;u=7803;u=6304;u=6119;u=331732;u=2446;u=36053;u=2455;u=6307;u=2452;u=2635;u=6114;u=317955;u=6306;u=318001;u=36014;u=6118;u=2447

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