Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane delays Salman’s treatment

Actor Salman Khan’s US visit to get the treatment for his nerve disorder has been cancelled due to hurricane Irene, which hit the country on Saturday.

He was supposed to go later this month but “Now he will be in India to celebrate Eid and his next release Bodyguard,” says a source.;u=2466;u=1512;u=7900;u=317102;u=6109;u=6300;u=6297;u=6101;u=7897;u=1460;u=35980;u=319129;u=36164;u=2467;u=6310;u=2465;u=6127;u=6311;u=319156;u=316598;u=36174;u=7893;u=319094;u=2436;u=1510;u=7683;u=6309;u=7716;u=1469;u=2441;u=35946;u=6126;u=1511;u=6124;u=36168

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