Friday, July 29, 2011

How Often Should You Email Your List?

There are two schools of thought (at least) in the email. Some people think you should send an email to the list every day, some people think you should send the list twice a day. Frankly, I have a life that means you do not have time to send up two outs. I realized recently that a person who was one of the greatest defenders to send his list of at least twice daily has been supported to sending about four times a week. I find it less objectionable now.

Here's the thing: Very few of us have something fascinating to say every day. Even me. (I know! Can you believe it?) If people are enrolled in day 7 or 21 (or 30 days) after that, then yes, they are waiting to hear from you and if your content is good, are looking forward . But sending an e-mail every day for the sake of email content that will generate a list of bad and burned.

This is my personal philosophy, you can take it or leave it. I think your contact list three times a week is optimal. He gets in front of them often enough to know who you are without having to tired to see. Depending on how busy your life is, can only communicate with them once or twice a week. Instead, I found that once a month is not enough to keep people's interest.

Now, you can cheat a little. A business partner and I have a number of real estate sites. We Tip of the Week opt-in in most of them so that a broadcast message will list three different sites. You can do the same with a quote of the day or week, sending the output of healthy recipes or anything else where you can use a generic message style just to keep in front of people. But I would advise you to increase with at least one message a week dealing with each individual list.

No matter how often you communicate with your list, remember that you must have a valid reason to contact them, if it's a helpful tip, new information, a discount on a product or a change in policy. But do not fall into the trap of creating lame "events" that are not facts. What I mean by that? Have you ever seen the ads that begin "The boss is on vacation so the staff is throwing a huge sale!" LAME. Tired, trite, lame, and worst of all false.;u=27890

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