Friday, March 11, 2011

Oh Oscar Awards 2011!

The Academy did not matter that King's speech as historically true as a story to it can be claimed. Relatively small for a king obstacle to overcome a speech about the struggle 'Brit' film at the Oscars this year have caused the mess. While Colin Firth to win his best actor statuette was always in play, its director, Tom Hooper was never considered a threat. David Fincher may be the golden hour is ideal, but should the director of films like Se7en Fight Club goody two shoes to the Academy would like to send a friend request is not Social networks, which in addition to being a very well made movie happens to be his most accessible work even with such a film, Fincher was beaten by Hooper.

While upsets this year, a larger one can be said, were Oscar and predictable large. You might be surprised by some upsets, but you can not really surprised at winning. Academy loves men who cry, and movies women who defy the budget look smaller but more efforts ... Or you can explain how wide was the night of the king's speech?

Best Picture nod for at least three races out of 10 films to ensure the king's speech better than movies. History of a generation, social network is a film that takes the story to a new level. Fincher takes Aaron Sorkin script and ambition, friendship, loyalty and betrayal is such a compelling tale that one wonders how it lost the King's iconic speech. But thank God Sorkin crisp writing did not go unrewarded.

Inception to the greatest movie ever made and even try to be very smart in most places can not, it still hands down as far as ideas are concerned audacity wins is. Even the multi-layered psychological drama of Black Swan is designed to better feel the king's speech. At least Darren Aronofsky helming Black Swan, but was ignored Christopher Nolan unceremoniously writing nomination for his efforts to save it raised a nomination garnered.

In addition to David Fincher Tom Hooper, Roger Dikins True patience not to lose to win the shoot the biggest upset in this year's Oscars. Dikins long considered one of the world's best cinematographers, but his luck at the Oscars is pathetic. "True patience Dikins exquisite frame and great resonance for the truth be told, even if it is true grit adding a silent film, will be his photography speak volumes!

It is strange then that Wally Pfister, who Dikins to establish himself as a master lensman was accepted and prevalent than it is true that patience is an effort. If a photographer working for The Black Swan Matthew Libatique the story to work is to add to the post as well Pfister pips.

Oscar's all said and done the same, same but were different. Perhaps the biggest breakthrough of the year Harvey Weinstein, producer behind the success of many Oscars, which made 2011 the year when all the king's speech was listened to return to!;u=41021;u=44863;u=3679;u=10754;u=86518

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