Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Three Famous Uses of Gold

Gold bullion and gold bars over the years held a prominent place in popular culture. Great literature, movies and music very heart of your content is featured in gold bullion or gold bars. Here are three bars of gold bullion and gold's best-known uses we've seen in popular culture are one.

1. Music: Ballet by the 'Gold'

There have been many great references to gold in popular music over the years, it's hard to choose just one to put on the list. Neil Young 'stupid' by Stone Roses 'Gold' heart of gold ", there are so many great tracks, the name of the precious metal has been examined.

However, there is a track that reference gold and stands head and shoulders above the rest. The track "Gold" ballet is. 1983, a British new wave style of a true classic, reached number two on the UK singles chart. It really stands the test of time and many people in the head pops up whenever the words 'gold' hear.

2. Film - Goldfinger

As with music, the same article mentioned there big screen model has too many gold and gold bullion. Exceptional in terms of sequence James Bond 'Goldfinger' will be the third film. The 1964 film starring Sean Connery as James Bond villain auric Goldfinger, which focuses on a gold smuggler. The mesmerizing opening a movie theme, sung by Shirley Bassey enhanced by reputation, many consider the greatest and most all the Bond films Goldfinger reputed to be.

3. Cartoon: - Scrooge McDuck's mansion Duck Tales

Last entry is something of a wildcard, but those who sleep in the context of the classic children's cartoon will appreciate all grew up in the 90s. Duck Tales Scrooge McDuck and his three great nephews, Dewey, Huey and Louie to focus on the excitement. Scrooge McDuck mention a porpoise immediately burrowing, such as images of him diving into gold coins, re-emerging and throwing coins into the air.

Imagery made all the characters, we might say that Scrooge McDuck might have strong passion for the gold. Duckburg their enormous wealth that the city looked at the bin can I? This is definitely a classic cartoon and gold bullion was a classic reference. It grew in the 1990s, a favorite cartoon.;u=2661;u=9889;u=3672;u=10884;u=10864;u=4919;u=200228;u=2423;u=2061

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