Monday, March 19, 2012

Agent Vinod in Trouble, Again

The controversy over his brawl with NRI businessman Iqbal Sharma had just begun to die down when yet another one has come to plague Saif Ali Khan and his upcoming release, Agent Vinod. Khan’s production house Illuminati Films, along with film’s music director Pritam Chakraborty, Eros International Media and Super Cassettes Ltd, has received a legal notice on behalf of an Iranian underground band, Borabax Corp.

The band, formed in 2003 by Kashayar Haghgoo, Kevian Haghgoo and Hamid Farouzmand, has alleged that the initial portion of the film’s song Pyar Ki Pungi has been copied from their track Soosan Khanoom, which was registered under the Copyright Act in Canada on June 30 last year and hence the music of the song cannot be used without the band’s permission. The song, says the notice, came to the band’s notice on March 12 when they watched the promotions of Agent Vinod on satellite television. Following this, the band sent a representative to India to investigate the matter.

The issue is now being dealt by the legal team of Super Cassettes. The producers have, however, denied the claim. In a response to Vidhii Partners, which issued the legal notice on behalf of Borabax Corp, Super Cassettes sent a letter that states, “The song/ sound recording Pyar Ki Pungi is a unique and original composition. We emphatically deny that it is in any material way similar to your client’s song/ album.”

When asked to comment, actor Saif Ali Khan said, “I looked into their case too. The beginning groove is similar. But then a lot of music can sound similar. We have a legal team handling the issue,” The music publisher has, therefore, asked for a few working days’ time to issue a detailed response.

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