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2011 the year when expression of sexuality came out of the closet & became a leit motiff for Hindi cinema

As the year comes to a close today an underlining feature of the world of Hindi cinema is that it has become liberated, independent and is inclined or rather eager to experiment with expressions of love, sexuality, coyness etc., in a much more assertive manner. Not surprisingly enough the clarions call for establishment of this paradigm has been led by female of the species from the world of cinema.

Two or rather three ladies in particular have set the tone for more experimentation in Hindi cinema focusing on expression of sexuality or rather to put it using it as channel vehicle to express liberty in exercising the choices related to expression of love, of sexuality and sensuality. The first lady in question is Zoya Akhtar who with her ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA, for the first time on the silver screen gave an opportunity to the lady to go and express her love to the boy, Katrina Kaif doing the role with aplomb in the film, riding a Bullet motorcycle, ultimate expression of manhood, to go to her man and announce to her that indeed she loves her and to sort of cajole him to come out of his zone of shyness and hesitancy.


It was a moment of reckoning in the world of Hindi cinema and it should be talked about as defining moment, may be when Zoya Akhtar comes up with her next picture, there would be more such innovative moments. After all, when the woman on the street is getting empowered and is expressing her choices in all matters, then why not cinema also should take the cue!

The second lady in question who has created new paradigms for a woman in Hindi cinema undoubtedly is Vidya Balan who with THE DIRTY PICTURE underlined the fact that when it comes to portrayal of characters with strong sense of conviction, which is defined by using the female traits, characterized by leveraging the quotient of sexuality, there is no competition to her. 2012 is indeed going to be very exciting and challenging for her as also for the film fraternity as she has raised the bar of performance and one only hopes that in 2012 she would not slip from the position that she has attained in 2011 in terms of choosing the characters to enact performance on the screen.


The biggest success story of 2011 however has to be Ekta Kapoor who has emerged as the dark horse, who did not think twice about leveraging the quotient of sexuality through her films to throw challenge to the norms and morals of the society as also the cinema and ushered in a new path of cinema making. It all started with RAGINI MMS, followed by SHOR IN THE CITY, in both the films the picturization of the intimate scenes becoming natural, expressive and realistic, and taking it to the higher level through THE DIRTY PICTURE.

When the history of cinema is written for the year 2011 these ladies, i.e. Zoya Akhtar, Katrina Kaif, Ekta Kapoor and Vidya Balan would be given special mention as they deconstructed the manner in which female characters are portrayed on the silver screen. They also through creation and enactment of the roles made expression of sexuality a very natural tool in the arsenal of a woman as a part of her world view, and one only hopes that the path of liberty that Hindi cinema has starting climbing up to, would see more frontiers being conquered in 2012.

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