Sunday, August 21, 2011

Delhi Belly 2 is on, but sequels are tricky: Imran

A mention of his year’s first hit, Delhi Belly, produced by mamu (uncle) Aamir Khan, brings a broad smile to Imran Khan’s face. And the suggestion of a sequel, a nod. “Yes, Delhi Belly Part 2 is probable because it ended with my character, Tashi, dumping his fiancée, Sonia (Shenaz Treasury), and falling for fellow reporter Menaka (Poorna Jagganathan) who’s his accomplice-in-crime through all the ‘shit’ that happens. His friends and he have just scraped through by the skin of their teeth, but that doesn’t mean their troubles are over,” reasons Imran who flags off the show, Live My Life, on UTV Stars tonight.

The actor however admits that the film’s co-producer, Akshat Verma, and director Abhinay Deo haven’t started work on the sequel yet. “But whenever it happens, and if it happens, I’d love to be part of it. Delhi Belly was so much fun,” asserts Imran, whose movie’s box office collections were higher than Amitabh Bachchan’s Buddah Hoga Tera Baap that released on the same July weekend.

But he has a few concerns, pointing out that sequels can be tricky. “The first film works because it’s an interesting concept executed in a novel way. But the follow-up may not be quite as appealing. Take the case of the American Pie series; the first movie was impressive, but the others were pale imitations,” he argues, adding, “I’m not saying that’s what could happen to Delhi Belly too, it’s just a concern I’m expressing. Delhi Belly and American Pie don’t even belong to the same genre.”
The buzz is that Kiran Rao, who was the one who recommended the Delhi Belly script to husband Aamir after she picked it up by chance one evening, is penning the sequel. Imran confirms that she’s writing a script, but says he has no clue what the movie is about.

“All I know is that Kiran is developing a script. Whether she needs me in the movie or not is something we can speculate on only later,” he says, adding, “She didn’t have a part for me in Dhobi Ghat, her directorial debut. So it’s not necessary that I’ll be a part of her next film.”


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