Monday, July 25, 2011

Minimalist Furniture

Living in a small space can feel cramped at times, but there are ways to be a rewarding experience. Finding ways to store what you really need and then dispose of their possessions others can be very liberating. Many people find it is more happy living in a smaller place in a larger one. In fact, many people cling to their minimalist forms, but just moved to a bigger place.

1) Begin to look at things differently. When shopping, think about what you need as opposed to what you want. This by itself does not only limit the amount of money you waste, but limits the amount of things that come to your home. When you find something you need, try to buy things with multiple functions. A footrest or ottoman opens to reveal storage of books, magazines or remote controls. A chair with armrests can expect that open to reveal storage. A sofa may have drawers underneath to store the shoes of the season. Focusing on the purchase of various furniture function is a great way to create storage and harmony in a small living space.

2) In the kitchen, see what devices can do without. You really do not need a separate mixer if you have a small hand. You may find that you do not need a microwave oven until he thought he did. The grill in the oven is as effective as a toaster or toaster oven. A coffee maker or French press is as practical as a coffee maker. Minimize the things you own. So, for dishes, pots and bowls are just buying tops and inside the nest of another. A bowling game and a set of kitchen pans have almost fully equipped.

3) Try to choose furniture that takes advantage of vertical space in your home. A short wide shelf space in the ground, while a unit of height at the corner intestine is almost no space at all. Look at the things that can be folded or flat instead of keeping large furniture and traditional. A table folds and stores flat against the wall can be very useful. Beds that double as sofas are ideal for company housing.

4) The need for the windows can be removed if we learn to use your closet space correctly. Use vertical space by moving the bar up. This can usually below the free space enough for the additional bars or shelf. Use space saving hangers, hangers as velvet, the elements in cascade of others. These suspensions in flat together to help eliminate wrinkles and save space for two to three times more in the closet than you can with traditional hangers.;u=90364;u=615138;u=90383

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