Monday, July 11, 2011

Glass Tile Backsplashes - This can make a big difference in a kitchen

Glass tile backsplashes have become very popular today. Now you can see in most theaters. Glass tiles are used not only the borders in bathrooms, but in the kitchen too. They can look stunning as a wall of a bathroom or kitchen. Glass tiles are usually more money, but if you get the right color combinations and design layout, which can complement your kitchen and actually make it pop.

Glass tiles usually come in sheets of 300 mm x 300 mm or 12 inches x 12 inches. These sheets of tiles have a mesh lining to make it as easy to cut and install. The owner must decide if they want a border of glass in the dashboard, or have it all glass tiles. You should definitely make sure to see the entire sheet of the tile before deciding to tile height. As the saying goes "less is more general," which refers to the color and detail in a small space.

Glass tiles can be purchased at Soho Studio Corp and many other places. You can go online for more information. On their website you can see all kinds of designs. The pieces of glass over the sample gives a more contemporary look. It is good practice to avoid the counter and back wall looking busy. When using glass tiles in a rear wall, you better have a countertop color mostly solid.

With glass tile backsplashes, while more grout, it is usually easy to clean. Avoid using harsh chemicals like chlorine to clean the dashboard. That may temporarily clean but over time the grout is dry, grease and dirt that can go deeper. The use of chlorine / Clorox bright strip seal the granite, so be careful. If the grain loses its shine and seal, it becomes porous and stains will see that unless you are very lucky not removable.

Installing glass tile backsplashes yourself is not difficult. This can save time and money, as well as the interruption, having strangers in your home. You could do a test to see if you need tile cutters. By that I mean placing the tile in position, without glue, to see whether the cuts should be made. If you need a tile cutter can rent one. It need not be anything fancy and are very cheap to buy. No information on Do-It-Yourself projects like this online guide you.

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