Friday, April 8, 2011

A Is for Accountability

As a writer by profession, the most important things you can ever learn is accountability. There are probably days when you're just not feel like writing. Or perhaps you write what you need to do that you get the paycheck should be do not feel like writing. I've been there before so I know how you feel.

Sometimes we procrastinate because we are overwhelmed or overworked. Sometimes we have a large project or a job we absolutely do not understand feel intimidated by. Sometimes we still are trying to juggle a lot on our plates and we get only writer burnout.

But as you control all your time is free, it is very easy to procrastinate or put off the important things we know we need to do is be doing. We also have a difficult situation over the time limit we find organisms and we are not ready puts.

Accountability helps to take your life and your business to prevent this problem. Even the self-employed need to work for themselves and accountability that they produce and there are some simple ways to do so. Like any new program, you need to adapt, but you will find that once you start holding yourself accountable, you will be more productive, you get to work on time and other things you you want to allow to move.

Here as a freelance writer to be accountable ways:

Set constant and regular time frame: the time limits are important but they only work if you use them. Set time limits for their projects continuously and then make sure that you yourself could catch them. If a client wants an article from Friday, Wednesday or Thursday is your time frame. Finishing early helps you to stay on the job, allowing time for editing and help create a positive impact on a customer.

Give yourself a virtual boss: When you are your own boss, it's easy to run a few responsibilities. You need to hold you accountable to an outside party. This is a close friend, spouse, parent or a co-worker might. Just make sure it is someone who has the potential to be holding your word. Written like a personal trainer look at it. They push you need when you're slacking.

Get Organized: Organization is the key to anyone who is self-employed. Organized chaos is a good day at work but when you're not feeling inspired, it slow you down and make it easy to procrastinate or projects is going to be forgotten. When a planner (digital or old-fashioned, whatever you prefer) are held with, you can better hold themselves accountable.

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