Monday, April 18, 2011

Board Succession

Successor planning is important. However, it is difficult. Many organizations with limited success, but try to use a formula.

Successor planning easy question to answer -

Should replace the current leader?

Each year questions are asked and answered for professional staff. Board decides whether or senior professional to take place. Senior professional decides that to keep or to place each subordinate. And discussed the organization chart, flow down there. This process is a formal structure that we all respect and hope.

If the board is treated the same way?

Board should behave the same way? We strongly recommend our customers that the Board adopt a commitment to excellence. Board of best practices model should be expected from the staff. Being models of excellence helps ensure excellence at all levels. It's hard to be great professional staff, they have a group that is less than great for the working. It's hard to demand greatness board if it is not ready to be good. It is hard to fund the greatness and the greatness that is possible, if senior leaders believe that the lack of a commitment to greatness convince donors.

Some nonprofits through a formula board to handle the succession issue. Vice chair becomes chair after chair period expires. Some of the arguments for this process are:

The successor to prepare for the job makes the chances of

It being passed over for promotion avoids the embarrassment of

It creates stability and avoids a fight for top spot

It is a respected member of the board at our best we have to offer

Flaws in this approach are:

From one year to the next world is changing. The person who really seemed a year ago, the skills required of today's market may be lacking to meet the challenges.

On the job, a place where one is likely to fail to be passed to put the better.

If there is only a successor to serve the city's succession plan leaves or is unable to fail.

The more years senior professional retains his or her place (his own successor.) Senior leadership is good for the perpetuation of the organization. This makes sense as long as possible the same reason it makes sense to keep a good professional leaders to keep a good board chair.

It's an honor to serve rather than to honor the service should be called.

To elect a president before the Board as a whole should discuss competing visions. Board the most compelling vision for the future of the person should choose. Without options, it is necessary to take a vote? Without a vision, so it is necessary for a leader (senior professional provides the necessary management skills?)

The best practices for board chair waiting to be in line for two or three people. Current chair should be training all of them may have his or her successor and to encourage each organization has a different view. It is impossible to know which view the ever-changing community service will be appropriate for your organization.

One of the reasons many organizations (nonprofits, - profits, and governments) struggled through the recession with their leadership is still struggling. A continuation of their leadership development and prosperity was designed for. They prepare for growth and prosperity rather than a present reality rather continue with their current leader.

It appears that growth and prosperity is coming. However, it is ready for hard times would have been good leaders. Growth and prosperity but coming probably in place contingency in case you have led a second dip in the economy there is a delay or what?

Self-succession should be an option. Various leaders in the economic cycle are right for different times. When times get tough, a crisis leader is the right choice. However, the conditions of service rarely match the economic cycle as well as we want. This is a good one administrative rules (due to a self-succession or limit the right leader to replace the word or idea ...)? To follow the rules or a strong organization that external circumstances can serve customers and make the mission even though the goal?

If you feel your board chair is only part of many developing successors? Or if not him, then he, then who is to develop potential successors?

Next Steps:

Review successor plan to its

Revised Plan your existing groups and expected to meet the needs

Remind your board chair is that it is his responsibility that he developed many successors

It's good to be optimistic. You are optimistic, but you still have fire insurance and a spare tire. Successor after the leaders of the spare tire is like having a choice. You expect the rare occasions you glad you did it will be unnecessary but are. Unfortunately, economic downturns, unexpected crises, new competitors, and other unexpected challenges is like flat tires.

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