Monday, April 11, 2011

Balneology in Bulgaria

Bulgaria - Healthy Country

Balneology (Latin "balneum" ease the pain derived from the later "bath" means "people" "word, teaching, science" means), mineral water and soil water treatments, thalassotherapy, climatic therapy cover treatment on principle; the medical core and mineral water, their internal and external use and preventive measures in medical applications such as studying the physical and chemical properties of the methods is a branch of science.

It seems to us that they treated unfairly Bulgarian resorts and several great opportunities to submit to the treatment of a disease prevention idea is underestimated. Bulgaria to the credit climate is conducive to health, wonderful sandy beaches with 378 km long seashore, over 530 (!) Different physical structure, temperature and undeniable medical properties, lagoon type valleys with flood mud and peat dozens of thermal springs with mineral deposits. Its unique, varied and abundant with hydromineral, organic climate, soil and other resources thalassotherapeutic Bulgaria stands among the top countries in the European list. Some of the most famous spa centers Varshets, Sandanski, Velingrad, Hisar, Pomorie are.

History of balneotherapy in Bulgaria

Bulgarian traditions in the balneotherapy go back to the earliest times. Thracian period prosperous settlements arise near hot mineral wells, water treatment is designed nympheums. Roman Époque centers such balneotherapeutic (Hisar) Augusta, (Sandanski) Desudava, Serdica (Sofia) gain foothold and the Roman Emperor Ulpius Trajanus, Septimius Severus, as there Justinian underwent medical treatment.

What and where to treat?

Modern balneotherapeutic centers, where our company suggests accommodation of treatment methods are more or less the same. They detail proper resorts, according to the proposal are dealt with in sections. At the same time each resort has its peculiarities become. For example Sandanski very asthmatic, non-specific lung diseases, and upper respiratory tract is suitable for treating patients suffering from diseases. Hissarya emission system in the treatment kidney disease, digestive system, gall, bladder, liver, etc. Velingrad metabolic disturbances, functional disorders of the nervous system to treat patients in the treatment of a range of diseases of forces gives excellent results, urinary excretion systems and gastric diseases. Devin musculoskeletal system, neurological and cardiovascular diseases appropriate for treatment. Sea-based system balneotherapeutic centers operate successfully, to treat diseases of the peripheral nervous system, flooding the Black Sea '(liman) mud, medicinal peat land, spring therapeutic mud and aqua gels are widely used center.

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