Saturday, July 4, 2009

Criminal Lawyer Link Exchanges

If you are a criminal defense or DUI attorney who manages your own website but don't have much time, here's what you need to know about link exchange proposals from other sites.

1. If you get solicited for a link exchange, evaluate the site. If the site has just launched and has no page rank think twice about exchanging links (assuming your page has page rank), unless you want help the new site with very little benefit to yourself. You can check page rank by downloading to google toolbar.

2. Look at the message of the site. If the site is not relevant to yours or not on message, it doesn't matter how popular or well ranked the site is. Run.

Link exchange requests are flying all over the internet these days, and I get 10 to 20 each day for my websites. I rarely engage in them because most of the requests are self-serving and won't benefit the public spread of good information, which I view as the foundation of good SEO

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