Friday, July 15, 2011

The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

Many heroes and villains of the war have been created due to monotheism (belief in the existence of one god), but science and technology, science is produced in these wars.

Author Richard Dawkins is a very extreme style of writing in this book, but he does not mess around and storms in a very direct sharpness, so if you have deep spiritual and religious, perhaps this is not the best selection of books for you ......

God is a great scam argument against God, there is controversy Dawkins blames God for the many crimes against humanity, and it also reveals that "psychotic".

Dawkins leads to frustration with the theory of intelligent design and a range of other issues, it throws an avalanche of hard evidence to reinforce their case, Dawkins is an interesting literary character who is out to kill the old story and not scientifically supported views.

"God Delusion" is full of strong arguments cosmic dimensions and impact on our current worldview.

Let me put it like this, if you are religious and attempt to have an argument with Dawkins you better have your facts straight.

The God delusion Dawkins book he puts forward strong arguments, and solve all the humble and the most religious teachings and misconceptions.

Why extreme tone? Well, I think this is because it is a man determined not to see young children indoctrinated with the view that is not based on facts.

Dawkings is 100% atheist delusion and God is his testimony.

Creationists and believers in God, will no doubt see him as the devil incarnate and other religious scholars will see it as a very astute and intellectually.

He was appointed fundamentalist, but his argument is as follows "to prove that I'm wrong, I would at once change my opinion, while true fundamentalist clings to their faith, whatever the challenge"

Whatever you think of this book, I think it is very important to ask questions of all in life. God scam fails to ask many questions, so that this can only be a good thing.;u=9048;u=2674;sa=summary

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