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Trading Like a Pro

Preparing for day trading like a pro

Plan your trade and trade your plan. Is preparing "a pro-business as the day the first step. This includes financial instruments and the best entry point for business, business management, risk control and money management strategy. Never before a serious day trader economic news will enter a trade without checking. It's time to enter a trade before considering all the important economic news of the day is important to know. Only irresponsible traders ignore economic news. You Yahoo / Finance, Finance Google / on MSN Money / can see the economic. Then you trade based on fundamentals or technical analysis to decide to do.

As a day trader, you have 3 am Eastern Time on the London opening bell respect, 8 am London time and 9:30 opening bell at the New York Eastern Time, 14:30 am London time. You opening bell will wait before placing any trades. After preparation, the day "like a pro business" for eight steps.

Business day after the first preparation step: 5% rule

It is important to recognize that at the elementary level, day trading involves risk. No business decision is risk free and will include some elements of risk. Traders must protect at all cost your business capital. A simple rule of money management and risk control five percent of your trading account is used. If you open five trades, the total amount of money allocated to the five trades from your trading account should not exceed five percent. When you reach five percent, you do not place any more trades.

Day trading like a pro in the second phase

Too often, traders London season, the New York session and will trade during the Asian session. Miss a good night's sleep and is common business without pause. The main issue in this case the business is. For each business, their cause as commission merchants must pay to their brokers. To the number of trades that you avoid paying too much in commissions are taking control is required. To enjoy being in the business in order to avoid unnecessarily taking trades, traders should always ask the question: is it being worth the trade? Expected reward should be at least two times greater risk. Risk-reward ratio always must be considered before entering the trade.

Day trading like a pro in the third stage

When you buy or sell when it is time to buy or sell at the right place, which is a win. On the other hand, when you sell or at the wrong time and wrong place, at a loss to buy. Excellent ability to make decisions quickly and speed indicators to value the language or read a language one day will allow traders to trade like a pro. Day trading is a serious competition like American football or rugby. When one is buying the other is selling. Therefore, every business should use the right strategy for the challenge. During the period of low volatility periods and during border trade strategy trending trending strategies to use.

Day trading like a pro in four steps

Day trading day traders because of the failure to use a pointer or indicator in the business because they abuse is wrong. Many indicators are still worth repeating patterns. In fact they are different versions of value. No indicators ever price, an index number can change.

Price is the universal language of all traders do not hide anything. Traders to keep your eyes open and try to understand what price should disclose. There are many indicators but prices remain the same. The best way to day trade like a pro to look at cost first before looking indicators. Next look at the price before re-entering the trade.

It is important for traders to master every indicator that they are using and the price has to learn to become fluent in the language. If someone on every slow stochastic and buy every oversold slow stochastic overbought, the market trend will never sell. Slow stochastic indicator traders than any other misuse causes more damage. Day trading is different from gambling and gambling is different from day trading like a pro.

Please trade like a pro or learn to trade like a pro.

Day trading like a pro in Step Five

Market understanding of steady Dutt

"A stable data is a reality, it is a constant a constant data is something that remains intact in a chaotic environment.".

Many in the market are stable datum. Fibonacci retracements and projections, Elliott wave theory, the higher time frame control all of the short time frame, the market does not have (chart pattern) patterns and more.

A mistake that traders are unaware of the market without paying attention to the steady Dutt or any other business tool is the use of indicators. Dutt, along with steady business in accordance with the decision will allow traders to achieve winning trades. Often traders in the market stable Dutt violation, only to reduce the amount of money is critical.

During the third Elliott wave uptrend, unknown traders, engaged to be sold, as many indicators to sell, the smart money is buying occupied are indicated. Elliott wave theory the simple ignorance of the static data will cost dealers money. In a downtrend, the third Elliott wave, the smart money during the busy selling, pricing, trading and violating market instead of all the indicators are trading steady Dutt traders, too often fail to capitalize on opportunities to sell will, or to increase your profits, but instead will lose money. Stable in the market and market data, chart patterns pattern.

Market patterns: trends - punctuation - trend. Market trend, market (consolidation period or periods of low volatility) will pause and the market trend again.

Master patterns for the market traders the ability to accurately and consistently winning trades to achieve the best strategies to design will allow. Tested and retested trending market strategies valid for a period of imbalance on the other hand are the rest of the market entry and exit rules are to balance the market.

As you see, knowledge, understanding and correct application of market stable Dutt can not be avoided.

Day trading like a pro "six steps

Time and place of business

Often dealers will be the price to go down or up but they will be wrong time and place will know about. Where and when to enter the business successfully. A consistent winning trader and a consistent moderate to differentiate between lost time and to have the ability to identify business entrance. A short time frame to use a higher time frame, traders at the right time to enter the business will allow. However, the price entry point for the best understanding of the language is important. Dealers are always two questions to be asked:

The best time to enter the business?

The best place to enter the business?

About legal "hot spot trading zone 'to find

It is common at the wrong time and wrong place, but smart business to reach before entering the best entry point will wait for the value of a valid trading signals traders receive. This is a typical example of a seller or Bollinger Bands (50,2) within the signal to buy. These imperfections are usually corrected by the market when the price quickly Bollinger (50,2) is pushed to the edge. Typically, the unknown traders lose. Consistently winning trades to achieve, it is important to enter the business at the right time and right place.

Day trading like a pro "Seven Steps


The first step in becoming a dealer is the will of discipline. A stage will be the root of their failure to find serious traders. Plentiful and consistent an honest analysis of your business circumstances after after losing, they know that lack of discipline is hampering their progress and will be ready to take the right steps. The feeling and desire a professional approach to business is the first step.

Three things are important

1 / First excellent money management plan

2 / The second one tested and retested "legitimate business system"

3 / III self-control.

A simple but powerful money management rules is: Never Never risk your business to account for more than five percent at any one time expose. Sometimes. We promise you that, you follow the simple money management rules will be substantial discipline. If you place ten trades, those trades, the total amount of ten percent of his five full trading account should not exceed. And five per cent you spend, you wait until you have closed some trades or you would any other business before starting to make more money.

Nobody will do it for you. Choice and decision is yours

But there are hundreds of trading systems day trading like a pro can stand the heat, some are. A legitimate business system includes at least one stable Dutt and value is the number one priority pointer. Traders know that we are trading value indicators. A legitimate business system is a business tool, but like every other device, the master and one must learn to become fluent in using it. It is enough for a legitimate business system to know how to use it but do not understand. The yoga requires discipline. A system without stabilizer often traders will go to the next system. Some traders do not test the system before hand or familiar with your system will fail. All professional traders have their business system they tested, retested and understand. Professional traders blindly follow your trading system but not religion. Business systems are essential in day trading like a pro in the business will assist traders. But no trading system will ever replace a dealer. Usually a dealer without a valid business system is inconsistent in his or her decisions. Examples of business systems that work, "TSTW SYS 08" TSTW24 "are.

Note that not all trading systems are legitimate business systems. A legitimate business should include the cost of the system, and at least one stable datum. And a trading system is a trading robot. Traders should always be responsible for all business decisions.

Self "a pro-business as" control and day

Knowing what type of business you are in business is the beginning of self-control. You are an aggressive trader? You are an impatient trader or an emotional trader? A non-responsible business, a serious businessman or an adventurous trader? You yourself as a trader in a stubborn or reckless believe? It does not matter what type of business are you in the market made modest until you learn to control yourself. Out that the type of business are but clearly identify your weaknesses and your strengths is not enough. You take a piece of paper and two columns, write in your weaknesses and your strengths. The purpose of this exercise to find the root of their failure and handle it once and for all. Please note that there is a problem solving and a clear distinction between dealing with a problem please. Our previous article about the deal with the problem view. Once you make the mistake that you are repeating what you will do your best to know exactly repeat the same mistakes to prevent or seek professional assistance. You are trying to do, do yourself and instead of going round and round aimlessly taking control of their actions. We count it right for you and your business to enjoy permanent instead of their trades, start. As we have said before that trade, but can be enjoyed and you have to control your actions.

Eight steps to day trading like a pro: understanding and enjoyment

The enthusiasm for business or for fun, but not for financial gain. This is the reward of work well done. Consistent understanding of the major markets for the award. Can take money out of the market here and there to achieve consistent winning trades and start enjoying the business, be able to understand anyone's overall market. The other participants' understanding about the market, price, financial instruments and trading tools. The figure clearly place the trader to enter the business will allow time to identify.

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