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Here Be Dragons! Why?

Popular mythical dragon known as the Earth who do not know about the creature on the face since the age of four years, anyone? The relatively rare exceptions may be that I conclude that almost all things will be invented, dragons are probably in the top ten list recognition. So, be all and end all of things? Behind most myths, folklore or fairy tales often the obvious fact behind the fiction is a small kernel. What dragon lore is at the core of the kernel?

I start to get the Dragons are clear note. The cradle of civilization - the images often ex dragon, the ancient Mesopotamia and surrounding areas are found on cylinder seals.

Now the stories of mythology-themed texts and their associated different dragon St. George, Sigurd (Siegfried), such as dragon-slaying on related humans are excellent, and * Beowulf;, objectives, what dragon guarding the treasure and abodes of the gods or the kind of castle service as well go - like gods and humanity (like carrier pigeons) and in betweens as having some control over their weather and water, and they do evil, sin, power, military power, the West and Emperor and pagan ways and the Queen as a symbol of knowledge, immortality and other positive things like good luck in the east.

However, universal dragon mythology texts rarely explain why past and present in almost all societies in the first place are dear. It just says to the dragon's mythical creatures, it is quite certain how to explain such detail that their universality dragon lore and around the light itself.

Let's look a typical dragon looks like. The classic Western tradition, a four-foot dragon scaly skin and sharp claws (or number change) was a serpent with wings. Chinese dragons were usually long horns protruding upper lip with a pair of tentacle beard. Dragons were very large, length 80 feet (25 meters) on average. They do through the air as well as steps on the ground had the ability to fly. Many dragons breathe fire, although others killed with his venomous breath. What looked like a dragon there and did what he is seeing as how they never existed is strange is not unheard of. Or they did not - never have existed?

As the details:

Mythical dragon traditional mainstream explanation for the reason usually does not depend on human nature, the whole fabric of life forms that do not exist outside the invention, but rather a belief that fossil remains of dinosaurs, etc. has given rise to speculation that, in this case, the life form we call the dragon, well kick the fossil mythologies around the world began the dragon. Mythological creatures as expressed in a recent book:

"Dragon's ubiquity around the world remains striking legends;. Some mythical creature has a wide distribution with the stories of discoveries of dinosaur bones few scholars have linked the long run it may serve to explain the existence of dragons beginners The sheer size of the dead animals in the stories of the time. Yet no one ever because of harsh discipline can hope to cover all the many varieties. More than likely, some typical large feather serpents human imagination to fill the need, their power to provoke fear and fear across cultures. "(Tony Allen, Mythic Bestiary: An Illustrated Guide to the world's most fantastical creatures, Duncan Baird Publishers, London, 2008: page 169)

Oh, what a load of crap! Indeed, load of crap. First, a large dinosaur bones come equipped with wings, etc. Have you ever seen a fossil or replica T-Rex that had wings and could fly? Maybe they pterosaurs and / or pterodactyls mean they are not of the dinosaurs, but a class of flying reptiles. However, fossils of flying reptiles are not very common and is actually quite fragile.

Second, fossil shave you smoother skin, whiskers and fire breathing abilities and toxic or otherwise bad breath, etc. those types of details are not preserved in the fossil record versus poor coloration are not going to tell anything about , although very, very, very rarely get the dinosaur skin impressions, but there are examples on hand, just about enough that you can count on the fingers of one hand they are off ..

So third, non-avian dinosaurs and flying reptiles human and dragon mythology out of 65 died before the millions who died last long draw dinosaur life forms may have firsthand knowledge of a contemporary. And avian dinosaurs, which was alive - now we call them birds - probably the same size and other characteristics that may be related to dragons far as attitude.

Lastly, 99.9% of older fossils just to see the world completely exposed in all its glory does not lie on the ground. The bits and a somewhat wrong generally different geological, water and weather at the time of animal death and forces acting on the bones of millions of years later, mainly in the state are buried. This piece things back together again and let the experts animal fossils may be intermixed as it takes.

Also, why would uneducated great live those golden years back when the legendary dragons rule the skies to work perfectly in the first place to expose a large fossils, and thus invented the mythical dragon looks like all of the backbreaking sloppy to bother to go? I mean it would not have any food on the table!

So when all else fails, and the universal mythical dragon some variation of our invention vague Freudian psychology mumbo-jumbo to put down. Give me a break! No, the answer is that dragons were actually real people actually observed them. There is after all the only reason.

Now just consider how many extinct animal fossils discovered them before you mythologically we invent? Dinosaurs were all the rage before their fossil bones and realized that they were open were not. We mentally before the fact, why not make them? Why do our mythological tales trilobites is not 7000 years ago? We are just dinosaurs, trilobites, mythical or otherwise was not the first of their fossils were discovered.

Why do not we have our mythology in various strange, now extinct, that any one of thousands of creatures? The answer is probably because we are not likely to invent imaginary beasties. The strange animals and are an integral part of our mythology, perhaps because those strange animals is really something that at the time existed in combination with human existence.

On the other hand, saber-toothed cats, or why now extinct mammoths are mythologies about a profound surprise, even if they are 'modern' man can coexisted for a short time. Why not? They were very big and scary, dragon in the big leagues is probably not much, but is large enough. Probably why these beasties 'gods' can be nothing to do with - they were not alien beasties.

Now the great mystery why the dragon in the popular perception that cultural differences between East and West, although that clearly did not exclude it as being some texts. Evil black dragon storms and flooding that have been credited with inciting - - and a dragon slayer (Lu Dongbin), for example, China was bad dragons. Japan also an evil Yamata, no, laser called the dragon, often trouble * were killed by Japanese Susanowo trickster god. There god Marduk and the 'dragon' Tiamat between ancient Babylon and Assyria, some parallel story. To kill a dragon may be a god, well, I guess if you DOS wild and feral cats, you may be evil dragon! Maybe the "gods" are allowed, or has the ability to slay the dragon.

Different exceptions to the rule, I suggest that relative differences in the roles of dragons reflected back on the nature of their masters - the gods.

Eastern gods appear to me much less waste than the western gods gods around is good. Greek and Norse people may worship of Zeus et al. And Odin et al. But you really role models for their children as do not want to serve.

There is another, but perhaps more to the differences between the western and eastern dragons logically explained. Dragons West (Christianity) is bad because the decree that Christian churches. Dragon old ways, old gods, probably represent the devil incarnate. In non-Christian (Hindu, Buddhist, etc.) East, the dragon is no such goods or stigma.

'Gods' are external and some part of their general in the dragon. Dragons, much like his master, 'god' as makes no difference as close to immortal. I think it's safe in this context, "Amar says' really is not forever and ever, amen, but a very long time, which, as far as primitive man, all the practical, 'immortal' objectives were concerned for the translation.

The bottom line is that the gods really external at all, their pets, dragons are also aliens, is part of God's Bestiary. When Gods Creation (Planet Earth) is left with them with their dragons as their so-called "legendary" was the rest of the cage.

* As an aside, the actual killing of the dragon's skepticism against such events. As described (see above) if you do not own one armed with a sword as you would a T-Rex would go up against the dragon. You or your order at least the bottom of the tank in the army or at least want an army of swordsmen (and lots of casualties is expected) would. However, the gods can not allow your pet is killed. Of course the Christian church was pagan dragon after dragon tall tales of murder and even a symbol of Satan will be encouraged.

Like telling the story of killing dragons, IMHO a fisherman's tall tales, - the six-inch fish that far after a few drinks at the pub, was, turns out to be a six-foot monster fish! But in fact the dragon was killed, where are all the dragon head mounted trophies on the display methods and should be stuffed with all manner of places? Does this lack of trophies to prove stuffed dragons do not exist (there are no saber-toothed cats taxidermic head trophies also are displayed) did, but people did not go against him do not dare!;u=44379;u=5036;u=4103;u=10703;u=5025;u=44353;u=3649;u=84852;u=25140;u=10695

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