Saturday, March 26, 2011

5 effective techniques for problem solving

There are many problems. There are economic, social, moral, political, religious, psychological, and so on. Here in this small article we will learn to solve problems. Within every problem a solution can be found. What is important to identify the problem is not. People have a tendency to identify with his problem has become so intense that we recognize this problem becomes. The result of this that we have a problem we can not solve a problem by being the failure to find a solution. Have you ever heard the old adage that two wrongs do not make a right? Well, the problem may never be another solution. If you have a serious problem, not the problem, but realized this great truth: a problem without a solution does not exist, and a solution can not exist without a problem may. You peace of mind for a way to solve the problem is required. A unsure, scared, or confused mind just can not solve any problem. Try this as an experiment. Go get a fifth-grade math book and get the first set of practice problems that you open. Find a friend or your spouse and have them yell at you. Tell them loud and really mean, your face will get. No (conversationally speaking) holds barred and math problems to try. The time for ten minutes. Now after you fix your feelings, talk to your friend or spouse is easy and slowly, play some soothing music. Math problems is not now, then ten minutes.

You will find that you were cool you were able to easily do the right thing and solve math problems. Were you when you can not focus a bit stressed and just a few and probably got the wrong done to them may be. So? You ask. What it does show that you can not solve a problem with a problem. So now you will find a way to calm yourself mentally. Go get yourself a healthy place: your back porch, a city park, beach, etc. yourself something different, some soft music and then distracted, calm yourself to be at peace. What is happening right now than to worry about anything. Any effort to remember tomorrow, or tomorrow ignore speculation. Just realize where you are right now. Still try to be the cause of your mind. Suddenly you will feel relaxed and peaceful. When you become aware of this feeling, remember it! It is paramount that you remember the quiet. Now, again, I solve the problem within every problem that miss. Remember that without peace you can not do anything new. Calm and peace you need to solve the problem. We have many problems in modern life, and unfortunately, we do not always peace. This is a true puzzle, a puzzle, because we solve problems without being quiet can not. We check that the key factors inside and outside yourself peace puts an end to the need, we need to discover what causes conflict. If we understand the cause of a disease, we treat patients. If we know the cause of conflict, we solve your problems.

If we carefully analyze ourselves, we discover that a constant state of conflict exists within us: what we want to be and what we really are. We are poor and we want to be millionaires, we are soldiers and we want to be generals, we are only want to marry, we are workers and we want to be managers struggle engenders conflict, pain, position, etc., moral suffering, absurd actions, violence, gossip, jealousy, hatred, prejudice and etc. Should I do it? Either that, or other? How? When? Mental contradiction creates conflict and resolve problems, etc. are discouraged. This state of conflict we can not bring peace. Without peace, a person can never solve their problems. First we solve the causes of conflicts, the need to end up with conflict. Now you ask "But what if you do not have time to find the cause?" That's why you have to know what kind of peace was felt. Calm yourself and remember what felt like a sense of peace. Maintain that feeling. Now look again at the problem and make your decision. It only takes a few seconds, and with practice becomes almost immediately. In this way peace will come and with it will solve the problems.

Do not blame others for their contradictions, the contradictions within us is due. Mental struggles we are doing and we want it to be a problem and we want to be in the middle, between which exists. Our first reaction in any way we think about it, resist it, deny it, admit it, explain it's a problem, etc. It is necessary to recognize that mental anguish, anxiety, or confusion with , it is not possible to solve any problem. Best way to respond to a problem with silence. The silence comes from not thinking about the problem. Silence comes when we know that there is no solution without a problem. A solution can not exist without a problem. The silence comes when we know that it solves the conflict problem. Peace of mind to act instinctively wise and intelligent action that problem no matter how difficult that may arise will be resolved is made. It is not the result of intelligent action any reaction. When we consider the problem when we have confirmed, denying it, or explain it when we do not accept the fact, or reject it without the facts reported, then comes the silence of mind. Peace of mind with intuition flourishes. Silent intelligent action that completely solves the problem further blow. Mental peace and stability there is freedom and knowledge.


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